Ankara Gowns
Ankara Gowns
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Flare Gowns
Made in Premium Ankara Material
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Chloe Custom Garments

Tailor-made traditional African clothing.
Unique designs,
top-quality material. 
Trend-setting embroidery, beading & stoning.
Virtual tailoring services.
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A collection of our stunning designs and unparalleled tailoring!




Top-line elegance meets ultimate convenience as you find the style, fabric, size and price that simple says "Take Me, I'm Yours!"


Your choice, out of a wide range of Fabrics, including Hollandis, DaViva, Brochade, Chincavi, Super Print, Cord Lace, Dry Lace, Denim (Jeans), Cord, Suede, Linen, Ankara, Kente, etc., and endless innovations of style!


Take advantage of our on-line and in-store services, to put back into service that gem of fashion that doesn't fit anymore, using our Alterations service, get measured out for that new dress, or let us talk you through the sizing guide so you can buy online with confidence!



Peculiar Stitches

Tailoring expertise from across West Africa is painstakingly scouted out and conglomerated at our modern production workshops in the Oil City of Warri, Nigeria. Peculiar Stitches is a melting pot of design ingenuity and natural joinery talent, that ensures you get only the very best tailoring!


Great Logistics and Warehousing

The commercial nerve-centre of West Africa, the city of Lagos, serves as our distribution hub. Great Logistics and Warehousing handles shipping, clearing and forwarding between our locations in the cities, regions and continents where we operate.


Kovie Enterprises

Kovie Enterprises forms our International HQ in Calgary, Alberta. Supply-chain management, marketing, business solutions and sales fulfillment are orchestrated from here.


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103 Crestmont Drive SW,

Calgary, AB

Canada T3B5Z6

Tel: +1-647-47-CHLOE (24563)



Mon - Fri: 8am - 10pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 8pm

​Sunday: Closed

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